Why They've Been Working on the Railroad

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In a new article by The New York Times’ T Brand Studio, four Norfolk Southern experts provide an inside look at the technology-driven world of railroading, explaining how their passion for trains led them to a career in the ultimate innovation workshop.

Titled “Why They’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” this exciting piece highlights the diverse collection of engineers, data scientists, IT whizzes, and other tech gurus who are collaboratively working to build a safer, more reliable, more efficient rail network.

From advanced operational modeling and real-time data analysis to automated maintenance and repair processes, these technologists are unleashing a flurry of new advances, combining their unique skills and strengths to solve the most consequential challenges for the rail industry, and our nation.

To read more about NS’ innovation dream team and how they are trailblazing new technological frontiers for rail, be sure to check out the entire article here.

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