The Power of Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics
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Every year, approximately 54 tons of consumer goods are delivered to each American through a complex and interrelated supply chain of trains, trucks, and barges. Behind the scenes, Norfolk Southern uses advanced technologies and predictive data analytics to ensure the rail portion of the delivery process happens without a hitch.

Today’s locomotives are equipped with onboard sensors that stream over 200 sensory readings and diagnostic elements in real-time. Norfolk Southern’s data science team uses this data to construct an array of machine learning models to predict and prevent locomotive issues – such as cooling water leaks and battery failures – before they occur. 

With this predictive intelligence, NS is able to pull locomotives out of service for proactive maintenance and repairs before they cause a disruption to rail operations. “There’s a cascading effect of efficiencies that are gained by being able to use data to better judge a locomotive's reliability,” says Daniel White, NS manager locomotive operations. 

“Technology adds another layer of confidence,” says Mabby Amouie, NS senior manager advanced analytics. “By accurately predicting problems, we are providing excellent backup to our resources and people.”

Take a closer look into how NS is leveraging data and predictive analytics to reimagine rail operations and ensure reliable service for customers. 

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